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Mobile Cat Grooming

Where your pets comfort is our #1 concern. I come to you, making mobile grooming an ideal service for cats & dogs! =^.^=

       Thanks for visiting A Smitten Kitten Grooming!​

Where you will have a groomer who l​oves and adores cats! Your cat's comfort and safety are my number 1 priority, 2nd is to give them the best grooming and make them feel like a million bucks! You will be Smitten with your Kitten, You'll see! 

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A Smitten Kitten, is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction - We have been grooming cats & dogs for over a decade and knows it is in the pets best interest to be groomed somewhere that has the lowest amount of stress to the pet, it's own home. My grooming trailer is a grooming salon on wheels! 

Mobile grooming:

I come to you and groom your furry friend right outside your home.​

I provide convenient, low stress grooming for you and your pet.

I come to you and groom your pet in my mobile grooming trailer. 

It is a grooming salon on wheels equipped with every thing I need to groom 

your pet too purr-fection & with all the comforts of a warm spa experience.  

 Mobile grooming is a specialized luxury service and is the best choice for Cats especially. 

No more dropping off & picking up your pet after hours of waiting for your pet

to be groomed along with many other pets waiting for their turn. 

Your pet gets priority treatment as it gets my 100% full attention, no cages, 

no cross contamination for fleas, or any illness's to be spread. 

Let me show you how fantastic Mobile grooming truly is! 

Most pets are done within an hour to 2 hours. 

We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!

Fun Facts:

In spite of their reputation for tolerating only dry land, many cats are actually water lovers. Some like to play in standing water, whereas others are fascinated by running water and prefer to drink from a faucet. 

More Fun facts:

Most female cats are right pawed while males are left pawed; a cat’s brain is more similar to a human brain than to a dog’s brain; cats can run at an astounding 31 mph for short distances; and, cats almost never meow at other cats – only at humans.

Have you ever heard of a swimming cat? 

Not all cats Hate the water. Many do, some don't seem to mind, and others actually do like it. The Turkish Van is one such breed of cat. In fact its nickname is "the swimming cat".